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    Our Compliance Manual

    Bhandari Brothers Ltd is very much concerned about protecting our services from illegal activities. Our strict policy towards the money launders and other criminals provide us a safe-guard to achieve a safe and reliable money remittance. We realize, however, that in many cases institution may not be aware that they are being used by money launders. We therefore provide all the staff strict guidelines to control and beat money laundering and illegal activities.

    Our AML Procedure is as follows:

    1. Identification procedure and the concept of Know Your Customer (KYC)
    1.1 Obtain Valid Photo Identification (ID) and Address Proof, issued from the local government or authorities
    Bhandari Brothers require a valid Identification, Address Proof document for any transaction and proof of income.
    1.2 Verify details with origin
    1.3 Full signature of the customer on the form of remittance
    1.4 Sources and quantum of amount
    Bhandari brothers require the disclosure of the credits source for the customer making a single transaction of more than 8K and the transaction of more than 10K over three months.
    2. Additional Precaution on transaction involving amounts crossing the threshold limit, as per local rules and Bhandari Brothers limit
    2.1 True copy of original ID is being kept on record after due verification with originals
    2.2 Purpose of remittance and source of income is mentioned by the customer. This will enables to verify the appropriateness of the transaction
    2.3 Breaking up of transactions to circumvent the limit restrictions is not allowed. Proper methods are being evolved to detect multiple transactions or split transactions in order to get required information/documents
    3. Internal Control & Communication
    3.1 Proper procedure have been set up for the staff to have effective control over the activities undertaken
    3.2 The format of the application form for remittance has been designed to confirm the local regulation and is able to capture all the required data for enabling supervision and control
    3.3 Application form contain a declaration from the customer certifying the correctness of the data provided by him/her
    4. Record keeping
    4.1 Records are being kept for a minimum period of 5 years
    4.2 Records provide the sufficient basic information on the customers and also able to reconstruct the transaction if needed
    5. Appropriate Training to the Staff Staffs have been trained on all matters pertaining to Money Laundering
    6. Reporting to Regulatory Authorities There is a proper reporting system in place within the organization and to the Regulatory Authorities including FCA.