• What is this Service?
    --- Bhandari Brothers Ltd offers you a quick, reliable and secure way to send money to Nepal. Money remitted from UK can be instantly cashed through more than 350 counters anywhere in Nepal.

  • What steps do I need to undertake to send the money to Nepal via Bhandari Brothers LTD?
    -- You can find the steps in the given link: Steps.

  • What is Identification proof would the beneficiaries need to collect their money?
    -- Beneficiaries will require carrying their valid Passport/Citizenship Card/ Driving License as an Identification proof to collect their money.

  • What are our Opening times?
    -- Our normal business hours are as follows:
    Monday-Saturday : 09:00am to 07:00pm (GMT)
    Sunday : Closed

  • How long does it take to reach my money?
    --- Once the transaction is complete, within next 24 hours your money reaches the destination and your beneficiary can collect the money from our branches (to view the branches Click here).

  • How could the beneficiaries receive their money?
    -- Once the transaction is complete, beneficiaries are provided with unique transaction Identification number. Beneficiaries should present the transaction ID to the corresponding branch along with a valid Identification Proof to receive the money. (please note that the beneficiaries will require to provide their identification proof and be able to answer question regarding the transaction)

  • How can I track my transaction?
    -- You can just give us a call, provide us with your unique customer registration number and we can then provide you with detail regarding your transaction.

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